There I happened to be, on a Friday evening, sitting at the dining table with the rest of the family, sampling the heavenly Indian cuisine, brought to our front door from the Royal Tandoori takeaway.

They're just a stone's throw away from Crofton Park train station.

As a spoonful of exquisite delights entered my mouth I thought to myself there is no other place in recollection that does a finer curry. It says on the menu leaflet "Highly recommended". Everyone I've spoken to relating to the mouthwatering dishes they serve have given them the utmost praise.

"Delightful," my mother said.

After crossing the establishment's threshold you are greeted with a high-class standard of service by the staff. While awaiting the meal of a lifetime you can relax in comfort. They are also very welcoming if youre ordering by phone.

The waiting for the food is well worth it.

The chef is an award winner. My guess it's either the Queen's own personal Indian chef or one of India's finest, Sanjeev Kapoor.

Their house specialities are unbelievably divine. I suggest trying the chicken tikka masalla: chicken marinated in a sauce of selected herbs and spices, enriched in massala sauce. Why not try one of the chef's recommendations; my favourite happens to be the Sali Boti chicken: a Parsi wedding dish, chicken cooked with apricots in a spicy red masalla, garnished with crisp straw potatoes.

It will take your breath away, whatever you try; words can't describe the feeling, especially with a free bottle of wine to wash down those wonderful tastes with every order over £19.

If they opened their doors as a restaurant then only the historical Taj Mahal would do and they'd have to name it the Royal Tandoori.

By Nick Park, Brockley