A planning application has been submitted to demolish a popular Battersea pub.

The Castle, in Battersea High Street, could be knocked down to make way for 16 new flats if councillors give their approval to the plans.

Proposals submitted to Wandsworth Council include replacing the pub with a five-storey building, construction of a car park and 22 cycle parking spaces.

The pub was originally owned by Young & Co's brewery and has been based in Battersea for 400 years, but it was bought up by Languard Investments last year.

If the plans get the green light 10 staff members will lose their jobs and tenants living in the flat above the pub could lose their home.

A meeting at the pub took place on Saturday, with plans in place to submit an e-petition and letters to the council.

Dale Ingram of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) and former MP for Battersea Martin Linton also attended to give their support.

Cate Toomey, 32, licensee of the pub who lives in the flat above, said: "We use local butchers, green grocers who will all lose business.

"We are child friendly, we have family events and we brought it back to being a community pub. Our customers are all annoyed and upset."

Laura Harris said on Twitter: "Sad to hear that @CastleBattersea is under threat of being closed down! Loved that pub!"

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council said: "The planning application is not yet up and running as we are still waiting to receive information from the developer.

"Once we receive this additional information then we will be consulting with the community in the normal way and all the views this generates will be considered carefully by councillors when they eventually meet to determine these plans."

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