I love seafood, always have, always will, but there’s a problem. And the problem’s close to home so I very seldom get the chance to eat it.

Sadly both my wife and son are not fans of the fruits of the sea – all they’ll eat is the odd piece of well-done salmon, but that’s about it - heathens.

So, I don’t get the chance to indulge myself too often. Therefore when an invitation came from Loch Fyne at Bluewater I jumped at the chance to carry out a review.

We had a reservation for 8pm on a Saturday evening so I wasn’t surprised to find the restaurant busy and bustling – there was a real buzz about the place and I knew we were in for a good night.

We were welcomed immediately and shown to a table, where I’m pleased to report I could see everything going on in the very busy kitchen – it was fascinating.

Encouraged by me, my wife was adventurous and opted for swordfish, though my son opted for a safer option, as far as he’s concerned anyway – an Aberdeen Angus chargrilled burger.

I decided to allow our very helpful waitress select from the menu for me and she chose the seafood grill. This quite excellent dish was packed with Scottish salmon, gilt-head bream, scallops, whole king prawns, mussels, crispy squid, sautéed potatoes, spinach and smoked paprika butter – and delicious it was too, a great choice.

I’m even more delighted to announce that my wife has, to some extent, been converted to seafood too. She declared that if it was always as good as this particular swordfish steak she’d have no complaints in future.

In fairness, there are plenty of alternatives available to the great seafood and my son thoroughly enjoyed his burger – I still think he should have opted for the half lobster option that was available with it on the menu.

Having done so well with the main courses we weren’t sure whether dessert could hit the same high standards, but we needn’t have worried.

The sticky toffee pudding was great but when it came to the glazed clementine tart my son said, and I quote: “That’s one of the best puddings I’ve ever had.”

Apparently as tarts go it was particularly tart and this, combined with the sweet chocolate ice cream, made it melt-in-the-mouth good. My wife, who couldn’t resist trying it, concurred.

So, whether you’re a confirmed seafood fan, or someone who prefers to stick to the land, there is definitely something for everyone at Loch Fyne.

And, as if that isn’t enough there was even a special limited edition spice menu on offer when we visited. So, if you’re looking for exotic spices and even more vibrant flavours they’re on offer too.

Loch Fyne at Bluewater