Two towns in south-east London and north Kent have been featured on a list identifying highest rising property prices in the country according to Zoopla.

Bexley and Swanley are both in the top ten towns where house prices have increased by the highest percentage this year.

Swanley was eighth on the list with a 6.49 per cent increase in property value since January.

Properties in Swanley have increased by £22,099 since the start of the year – with the average starting at £340,572 rising to £362,671.

Bexley came sixth on Zoopla’s list, with a 6.56 per cent change from £448,550 to £477,981.

The average property in Britain has increased in value by £3,039 since the start of the year – down from £13,851.63 in the same period of 2016. The average British home is now valued at £304,469.

Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla comments: “Whilst the rate of growth has slowed to a more modest rate, we’re not seeing the stark downturn in values that has been predicted.

“Whilst this slowdown might not be what homeowners want to hear, a slowdown does present a possible opportunity for those looking to get on the ladder by the end of the year.”