Some ancient ruins have been accidentally listed for rent in Abbey Wood for just £1,250 a month.

The online error is an advert for a  'period style' two-bedroom house in Rochdale Road but the accompanying photos are of the nearby Lesnes Abbey ruins.

News Shopper:

Photo: Google Maps

Under the photo of the 12th century Abbey the advert boasts that it is a 'good size family home', 'double glazed', with an upstairs bathroom.

A screenshot of the mistake was posted on an online community group with the comment, "Apparently this is what £1,250 a month gets you in Rochdale Road these days...."

One Facebook user replied: "open plan style of architecture?".

News Shopper:

Rochdale Road. Photo: Google Maps.

Another wrote "typical for real estate exaggeration", and another joked "original features, needs some renovation".