Any talk of Brexit derailing the housing market or crazy price increases slowing down seems to be premature.

Figures out today from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a home in London now costs £472,000 on average.

That is £163,000 more than any other part of the country and is a staggering 12.6 per cent increase from just a year ago.

You don’t get much for your money either, with just a flat or maisonette costing an average of £415,000 and semi-detached houses priced at £567,000.

If you are prepared to consider an extreme relocation or a monster of a morning commute to work, there are ways you can make your money stretch a lot further.

In fact, for much less than it costs to buy a place to live in the capital, you could own your own private island or tropical paradise.

For instance, a relatively teeny outlay of £93,000 will buy you the 40-acre beautifully-named Hangover Island in Florida.

If you can find a bit more spare change down the back of the sofa and stump up £112,000, a 3.7-acre beach hideaway on Isla Esmeralda in Mexico could be yours.

More extravagant at £174,000, but still less than half the average cost of a home in London, is The Old Mill. This might not sound exciting – until you learn it’s actually 17 acres of “gorgeous waterfront property in sunny Brazil”.

If these examples have got your imagination going, we’ve rounded up 30 gorgeous and exotic potential new homes listed on the website that all cost less than the £472,000 you need to buy a house in London.

Browse through the gallery above to drool over them all.

You might finding yourself packing bags, booking flights and saying adios to the concrete jungle after seeing these …