A SURVEY has revealed that a third of shops on Lewisham High Street leave their doors open all day.

The survey carried out by Lewisham Green Party covered 75 shops in the main shopping area.

It revealed that shop doors are left open even in the cold weather when the heating is on.

Lewisham's Green councillor, Darren Johnson, has slammed the waste of energy and called on the council to work with local retailers to tackle the problem.

Councillor Darren Johnson said: “Retailers could reduce their fuel bills and reduce the borough's carbon footprint by keeping their doors closed.

"Some retailers argue leaving the doors open is essential to attract custom but this is nonsense as other retailers manage perfectly well without leaving their doors open all day.”

Cllr Johnson has tabled a formal question to the next Council meeting, calling on the council to work with local retailers and to join the "Close the Door" campaign.

The campaign works with local authorities and retailers nationally to encourage them to close the door and save energy.