RESIDENTS in Lewisham have recycled more than 8,000 Christmas trees this year.

The trees have now been chipped ready to be used for environmental projects around the borough.

Recycled trees are being laid as a weed suppressant in green spaces and housing estates and others are creating woodland pathways in parks.

Cabinet member for customer services, Councillor Susan Wise, said “Lewisham Council would like to say a huge thank you to its residents for recycling so many Christmas trees.

"This is a wonderful achievement. It shows a real commitment not only to recycling but also a growing awareness and concern for the environment.”

Lewisham council employees took more than 10,000 Christmas cards into work throughout January to be recycled.

The cards will be taken to St Christopher's Hospice on Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham, and local schools which will use them for craft projects leading up to next Christmas.

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