The full moon on the journey to see The Circus of Horrors was surely a sign of the type of evening I was about to experience.

The poster outside read ‘Imagine Quentin Tarantino directing the Cirque de Soleil and you would be half way there’ and having seen Cirque only the week before I was intrigued.

Fresh from widely acclaimed shows at The O2, Greenwich, the performance at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford on Thursday started with an explosive introduction to the cast - an array of talented dancers, contortionists and acrobats.

The story was set around the changing times of Berlin in the 1920s, the birth of cabaret.

A new face in town was one of Dr Haze’s acts, a talented ventriloquist with a very dark twist.

The stage was totally mesmerising and the acts changed so fast you could hardly keep up with what was coming next, the constant thrills and shocks were incredible. The visual stimulation from the sword swallowing, knife throwing, fire eating and acrobatics were at times mind blowing.

With an array of piercings, tattoos and other bodily alterations Hannibal Helmurto was a character not for the feint hearted and Anastasia IV with her hair hanging record was breathtaking.

The ever present dark and sinister humour had the audience gasping and the stage sets of explosions and pyrotechnics were second to none.

The whole show was backed with a fantastic rock soundtrack provided by a team of talented musicians called the Interceptors from Hell.

I felt totally entertained and would recommend anyone with an open mind and a strong stomach to give it a go.

There was certainly something for everyone and great to see Dr Haze out in the foyer chatting and signing autographs with the audience at the end of the show.