A fun-loving rabbi and broadcasting favourite hopes to “give people the courage to get out of bed” with his hilarious one-man show.

Rabbi Lionel Blue is bringing his offbeat sense of humour to The Orchard Theatre, Dartford for a one-off night of storytelling on Wednesday March 14.

The religious funnyman, best known for his nearly 40 years on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, draws from his own experiences to tell a selection of stories, incidents and conversations whose dotty inconsequential flavour will appeal to people from all religions.

He said: “I give them a one-man show and I hope people come out a bit happier than they were when they came in.

“I tell the latest jokes going around and talk about various incidents in my life that taught me how to find happiness and get over the tough bits of life.”

Along with Jewish jokes from Blue’s childhood, he talks about the importance of being able to laugh at yourself and the various problems we face.

“I learned a lot about that during the Blitz.” He added.

“There is lots of worry and anxiety going on in the world today and it helps if you can stand outside these things so to speak and learn to laugh about them.

“It’s about cheering people up – I’m not trying to deny their problems.”

One of Blue’s stories is all about his old black dog called Re’ach and her identity crisis.

He continued: “I had a lovely dog once.

“She had one great problem – she wanted to become a human being.

“She used to push her dog bowl into the dining room and wouldn’t eat from it unless I seemed to want to eat it too.

“I left her with some Americans once and when I got back she was sitting up at the table eyeing everyone’s food suspiciously to make sure she got some.”

On one occasion, a small nun took Re’ach for a walk which came to a sharp halt when the Labrador mix broke free and sprinted into the nearest pub to get a drink.

Blue, who is also a respected cook, author and journalist, mixes humour with humility, compassion and common sense.

He talks about the people he has known with affection and about himself with a delicious sense of the ridiculous.

His performance begins at 7.45pm.

Tickets cost £17.50 with £2.00 off for concessions and pre-show dining is also available before.

For bookings visit www.orchardtheatre.co.uk or call the ticket office on 01322 220000.