Audiences rarely get the chance to join in with musicians at jazz concerts.

But adults and children alike got the opportunity to shake their maracas and mini-tambourines along with the pros at a unique improvised show last weekend.

Organised by Anna Shepherd, director of Boppin’ Bunnies music classes, the concert at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Greenwich saw nearly 50 families making music together for a good cause.

Around £200 collected from ticket sales and donations will go to Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

Mum-of-two Anna led the participants in jazz, funk, swing and Latin styles along with talented musicians Henry George and Tim Boniface.

She said: “I came away feeling really upbeat – people were saying what a nice way it was to start the half-term.

“Parents don’t really get to see a lot of live music unless they get a babysitter but this way they get to go out and join in too.

“There’s nothing else like it.

“It’s quality family time together in a fun activity.”

Children’s faces beamed with delight as they danced and played along to favourites like The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Anna continued: “I watched one man - who I call my favourite dad – playing with his son who must have been about five.

News Shopper: Musical families take part in improvised jazz concert

“They were smiling and the dad was teaching him all about the instruments and really engaging with him.

“Every time I watch the video of the day I’m drawn to them – that’s what it’s all about for me.”

Children up to around eight-years-old went along on the day and Anna is hoping more older ones will show up next time.

Jessica Svejdar went along with daughters Ellen-Grace, five, and Lucy, two.

She said: “I thought it was really good – I’ve never been to anything like that before.

“The musicians were very good and great with the children.

“They really catered to the audience.

“The interaction was great and it wasn’t so structured like everything else at school – it was more free-flowing.

“We’ll definitely be going again.”

Anna is going to hold the Interactive Music Concert for Families events on the second Saturday of every month at the same venue in Pelton Road for another five concerts, the next being March 10.

Admission is £5 for adults, £3 for children and under ones go free.

The final concert’s takings will be donated to For Life Thailand that helps disabled abandoned children in Thailand.

For more information email Anna at or visit Boppin' Bunnies' website at