THE sprawling tower blocks of Erith’s Larner Road estate could soon be the set for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Maybe that is slightly optimistic - but the estate has been picked up by company UnitBase, which pin-points locations they believe make great film sets.

After a week of being listed on the firm’s website, two directors have already booked the estate for filming.

According to the website, Larner Road offers filming sites ranging from bike sheds to balconies and scrub land to spiral staircases.

With the tower blocks facing demolition in coming years and the estate under-going a major regeneration, housing association Orbit South is thrilled with the plans.

News Shopper: Views from the tallest blocks provide a great and unique backdrop.

Regeneration project manager Caroline Field said: “We have been told there’s a particular demand for urban realist sites.

“We’re an attractive site because we can offer a range of different spaces - it’s an attraction if they can do internal and external shots in the same location.

“All the money we earn will go into community projects for the residents.”

Aspiring directors can browse more than 10,000 locations listed on the website and pay to film at those they believe make a suitable backdrop for their project.

Larner Road is listed in 14 categories online, including faded grandeur, run down, urban decay and vacant.

News Shopper: The estates underground garages can be used too.

The bookings so far include a feature-film taster, to be shown to investors to hopefully obtain full funding for a production film, and a second short movie.

Homeowner Tracey Kember, of Pretoria House, said: “As everyone moves out, it’s good to have something interesting happening on the estate.

“This extra income will mean we can invest even more in the neighbourhood.”

News Shopper: There have already been two bookings to film on the Erith estate.

Unit Base managing director Lex Wade said: “Larner Road makes it possible to film in what is usually an area full of red tape and logistical nightmares.

“The underground garages, the fantastic views from the top floors, the alleyways, playgrounds and epic stairwells make for fantastic urban backdrops.

“The fact the space is so multifaceted as well as having interior and exterior areas means it’s one of the gems of our portfolio.”

The Larner Road regeneration is due to start in 2013 and will provide more than 600 homes for over 3,000 people in Erith.