CREPES were on le menu at a Gravesend primary school when a French theatre company stopped by for a Gallic-themed day.

Actor Cyrille Divry and his puppet friend Martin from the Frog and Rosbeef theatre company rendezvous-ed at Bronte School in Pelham Road on Thursday, February 22.

Monsieur Divry cooked crepes with the four to 11-year-olds, discussed ingredients in French, played continental board and computer games and watched a film.

Mr Divry said: “Quelle excellente journée à Bronte School. Bravo les enfants. What a fantastic day I spent today at your school. Children were on their best behaviour and most of all they spoke so much French with me and the others. Their ability to perform and use their language skills was brilliant. Merci beaucoup et à bientôt.”

Before half term, 25 pupils will spend a week at a chateau across the channel.